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Pet Friend Can Make Christmas and Endurable

Terry M. Cervantes 

Not everyone likes the holiday season, and that’s okay! We are all for finding joy during these months as you can — and for some people, that joy comes from their pets.

Hello, I’m Max and I’m a dog! My landlord is a real holiday Humbug, and making him happy during these festive months sometimes feels like a full 9 to 5 year job. I’ve heard some of the neighbors down the mountain say that his heart is “two digits too small,” but that seems a bit reductive to me. I mean, do you understand how stressful the holidays can be?!

Sometimes it’s all the little things that pile up, from gift expectations to RSVPing to the invitation to the 18th Christmas party of the month. It could be memories of bad holidays that greatly dampen the atmosphere. Relationships are complicated and sometimes you are afraid of holidays with your family. (If you have to spend “the happiest time of the year” trying to figure out how to deal with family members you don’t respect… this is not good, my friend.) There are a million reasons why you may not like to celebrate the season, and they are all valid!

I say skip the things that make you unhappy and choose to spend this emotionally fragile time with the friend you always get along with: your fur +1. forget about trying to find bearable things for a family holiday — send them a nice card and stay at home with your pet during the holidays. Believe me, surviving a family vacation is much easier when you are with your chosen family, instead of the toxic family members that life has made you!

Once you have the best company, it’s time to get busy — after all, there is no time to go to the landfills when you are doing your favorite things! (I learned about this after my landlord started giving me peanut butter during nail coating.) I’ve developed a ton of tricks over the years to turn the frowns off my smile this time of year. If you work for us, they could also work for you.

Here’s everything that should be on your 100% fun and 0% festive to-do list for the holidays:

  • Take a winter hike in the woods – no Christmas lights in sight! (…Or at least, they will be very far away.)
  • Make a DIY puzzle toy for your pet while tackling the Puzzle of your choice. (This one works, whether you prefer Puzzles or Wordle).
  • Snuggle up for a movie marathon with summer beach classics! (In my experience, Jaws always does the trick.)
  • Keep the summer holiday mood going by making popsicles for people and dolls for pets.
  • Organize a treasure hunt at home by hiding your pet’s favorite treats throughout the house.
  • Get smart by creating a cardboard castle (or pirate ship or UFO) for your pet!
  • Devote your combined brain power to training sessions – I am happy to report that you can definitely teach old dogs new tricks.
  • Play a game of hide and seek with treats waiting for the seeker! (I’ll be honest, a bag full of goodies makes it much easier to find.)

I am here to tell you that you can agree to disagree with St. Nicholas on how to properly celebrate the season and replace your own traditions instead. This time of year should really be about finding joy, but it suits you best, Humbugs! On behalf of all pets, We are happy to celebrate the holidays with you (or completely ignore them) as you wish.

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Terry M. Cervantes 

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