Intriguing Realities About Dark Cats

Terry M. Cervantes 

Black cats have a scary reputation (and if you’re looking for a witch’s companion, we don’t judge), but these not-so-scary cats have a rich history. Here are some of our favorite facts about black cats!

#1: There are 22 breeds of black cats

There is not only one type of black cat! The Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes 22 different breeds that can have a solid black coat. They vary in appearance from the majestic Norwegian forest cat to the charming Japanese Bobtail. Most of these breeds can have other coat colors — Bombay is the only breed that always has a pure black coat.

The Bombay breed was born in the 1950s when cat lover Nikki Horner crossed an American shorthair with a Burmese sand cat to create a domestic cat that looked like a miniature panther. With this, a new breed and a whole new legion of black cats have entered the history books!

Arbesbach, Austria | 2022 01 01 | Tom cat Pino on the New Year´s day 2022 enjoying the mild weather at the BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach, Austria

#2: The genes Of a black cat are powerful!

If you look at the genetics of cats, black is the most dominant coat color. This means that if a pair of mating cats even has a black fur recessive gene between them, they are destined to have black fur babies. That is why it is the most common coat color in cats!

Fortunately, all these black coats have powerful advantages. The black color of their coat helps cats camouflage themselves when hunting at night and makes them even better at absorbing heat when basking in the sun. Even wilder, the black fur genes seem to come with genetic resistance to a whole range of issues!

#3: black cats are more likely to have yellow eyes

The same genes that give black cats all the melanin in their coat also give their eyes their characteristic amber hue. While yellow eyes are by far the most common in black kittens, there are exceptions to the rule! Some breeds of cats that have lighter coat may also have lighter eyes, producing unusual black cats with green or even sapphire eyes.

# 4: the coat of black cats can change color

If your black cat wants to sunbathe as if it were an Olympic sport, you could actually see his coat color change over time! Although they may seem black everywhere, some black cats hide a black-on-black Tabby coat. The sun breaks down the Pigment in their coat, revealing rusty orange tabby stripes.

You can also see that older black cats acquire striking white or gray highlights in their fur as they get older — a real badge of honor!

#5: his unfortunate reputation dates back to the Middle Ages

These cats have not always been considered bad luck! On the contrary, many cultures considered them powerful, including the ancient Egyptians, who revered them as pets and gods.

In ancient Greece, Hecate was known as the goddess of witchcraft (and many other things). In some myths, she was served by a black cat — the witch OG is well known. The connection between witches and black cats was in full swing in 1233 AD, when Pope Gregory IX declared that black cats were “satanic” and could even be demons in disguise. (His loss, of course.)

#6: many cultures believe that black cats are lucky

A large part of the world has fortunately said goodbye to the superstitions of the past and instead believes that black cats bring good luck! Germany, Scotland and France all consider them signs of good luck. British sailors brought black cats with them on their voyages to ensure a safe return home (and catch mice).

They are also intended to make people happy in love. In some parts of England, a black cat is a traditional wedding gift intended to bring luck and happiness to the bride. In Japan, many single women adopt black cats because they would supposedly bring love and good suitors to their door! Remember to go to animal shelters early in order to be ready for the next Valentine’s Day…

Today, these cats are receiving more love than ever. They have two public holidays: National Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th and National Black Cat Day on October 27th. They played leading roles on television and in the cinema and made a lot of merchandise for them every Halloween.

Best of all, they add a plethora of after-night cuddling sessions and wild chases to our lives. In honor of all the wonderful black kittens, pour an extra little dinner into your black cat’s bowl tonight – we won’t judge.

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