Fun Things to Do with Your Pet This Fall

Terry M. Cervantes 

Autumn is the ideal season to go out with your pet – the air is fresh and the leaves are perfectly crisp! Here are some pet-friendly activities to fill your fall bucket list.

1. Go Pick Apples

Nothing screams “autumn” like a trip to the apple orchard! Many orchards accept pets and welcome +1 animals on a leash to walk among the apple trees. Your pet will have a world of flavors to explore, and apples are a healthy, crispy and juicy snack for humans, dogs and cats!

2. Dress up for Halloween

Let’s be real – we are waiting to see pets in Halloween costumes all year round. Although not all pets like to dress up, the furry friends who do quickly become the Stars of a pet costume contest or a treat trip. If your pet is a little less enthusiastic about spicing up, it may be more accessible to wear this pair of devil horns long enough for a photo – if, of course, he is bribed with a lot of dog or cat treats.

3. Take a hike in the woods

There is no better way to enjoy the changing colors of autumn than to go out into the woods. Adventurous dogs and cats will enjoy rustling through fallen leaves and sniffing hidden scents while their human companions look at the canopy and absorb the rainbow foliage inside.

4. Prepare an autumn party

Cool days are the perfect time to go into the kitchen and cook something hot and delicious — and we all know that our dog’s favorite thing is when he can have a little normally forbidden homemade food.

Make something just for you with a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Smoothie or let the whole family join you with roasted vegetables! Dogs, cats and humans will all enjoy a platter of slow roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (just be sure to put the spices on the human portions after serving your pets). Check which vegetables are suitable for pets and start cooking!

5. Play in piles of leavesRaking the leaves can take a little work, but a good pile of leaves is the perfect play area for your pet! Hiding toys and treats in the leaves creates a natural snuff mat that you can browse. And of course, wild dogs love to dive headfirst into piles of leaves and roll until there are none left! You were hoping for the extra practice of raking a second time, weren’t you?

6. Explore a corn maze

Do you know the secret to making your way through a corn maze? No, we are not talking about a map — we are talking about an expert snooper who guides you through the map. You have the added advantage of having one of the five senses working to find the right path, and you will enjoy all the benefits of exploring with your nose.

7. Braving a ghost tour

Are you looking for an unorthodox way to spend time outdoors with your pet? Ghost tours have become an increasingly popular activity during the scary season, and many outdoor walking tours welcome well-behaved pets during the trip! You may be put off by the pants with scary stories while seeing if your pet can sniff ghosts — maybe literally.

8. Beating the pumpkin patch

A trip to the pumpkin patch to find your future fall pumpkins or ornamental pumpkins is even more fun with a +1 pet! You will spend some time frolicking on the farm and you can eat some pumpkin goodness if you decide to do a little pumpkin carving when you get home. Dogs can safely eat raw and cooked pumpkin, but you need to cook it until it is tender for cats.

You can choose how adventurous you want to be this fall! If you want to explore, take your pet on a weekend trip and check out all the fun fall activities you can do along the way. If you want to keep things closer to home, each of these activities will be perfect for a movie Marathon pursuer snuggling up on the couch with your pet — whether you play horror movies or seasonal Romcoms is up to you.

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Terry M. Cervantes 

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