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Find Toy for Cats That Your Cat Will Enjoy

Terry M. Cervantes 

Kittens and mature cats love to play! Finding the right toy to keep them active and engaged is the key to a healthy cat. These are the types of cat toys that could bring joy to your cat!

Magic Wand Toy

Anyone with a cat has probably played with a wand toy! The classic example is a long ribbon attached to a stick so that you can swing and swirl while your cat tries wildly to catch it. There are many variations of this style of toy with feathers, toy mice, and more that hang from the end of the string. It is a great interactive cat toy for domestic cats to exercise while they hunt, jump and, most importantly, spend time with them.

Laser Cat Toy

Another great option for getting your cat to walk is a Laser cat toy. If you’ve ever been sucked down the rabbit hole of online cat videos (and duh, who isn’t), you’ve definitely seen cats scurrying across the floor and sliding on that little red dot! If your feline friend is a big fan of a cat laser pointer, rechargeable models are a great option so that you don’t have to replace those tiny batteries after another long gaming session.

Note: Be sure to buy a laser toy specifically designed for pets. Many laser pointers designed for other applications are more powerful and could be unintentionally harmful if they shine directly into your pet’s eyes. In particular, sapphire laser pointers and green laser pointers are much more powerful than conventional red laser beams.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys take enrichment to the next level with challenges that require some brain power to solve! For food-motivated cats, treat dispenser toys, Puzzle boxes and snuff mats will entice you to crack the Code — and instantly reward you with your favorite treats. If your cat is more interested in toys, you can store small ones in many puzzle toys. Some play mats even have larger pockets to hide your favorite big toys like a cat version of a nesting doll!

Catnip Toy

If your couch potato cat needs a little extra motivation to get out of his favorite sleep and start playing, a dose of catnip could be just what the vet ordered. The most commonly used catnip-infused toys are soft, fluffy cat toys that are easy to stuff with a little pinch. These are the perfect chew toys for cats who get a little rough with their chops while you are walking around with them.

Kicker Toys

This type of toy is aimed at a very specific feline play behavior: kicking! When cats are struggling with a playmate and are nailed on their backs, they often come out with their hind legs. Some cats like to play in the same way with large plush toys or Special foosball toys lying on their backs, holding the toy with their front paws and walking on it with their hind legs like a rabbit. If your cat has a strong desire for a rough house, a foosball toy could fill this niche.

Small Cat Toy

There is a whole range of small cat toys that are perfect for fetching and just wading on the floor (and invariably under the sofa). These include classics such as small toy mice and crumpled ball toys, as well as a variety of newer styles for each cat. Plastic feathers are a favorite toy for cats who like to chew on threads or steal all their darlings! Pay attention to the household items that your cat wants to play with and use this information to determine which toys you will take with you on your next trip to the Pet Store.

Automated Cat Toy

If you can’t play with your cat as much as he wants, a little robotics can create the perfect cat toy for bored cats. There are automated versions of many classic toys, such as motorized ribbon toys, automated laser pointers and toys that automatically dispense treats. Unpredictable movements can be alarming for some cats, but cats who love technology will chase robotic mice

all afternoon.

Furniture For Cats

When you think of Cat toys, you may not think of cat furniture in this category, but it should be! Having places to climb, run, hide and follow your toy prey improves the cats’ playing experience. Cat tunnels, large boxes and classic scratching posts can all provide the perfect hiding places to ambush an unsuspecting ball of creases. Best of all, many cat trees have toy accessories for added enjoyment and even cat trees to remove that last piece of cat litter from their paws — Hallelujah.

It may take a little trial and error to find the toy that your cat likes, but parents of difficult cat pets are probably used to it. Everything will pay off if you see your cat having the time of his life playing with his new favorite toy (just try not to be disappointed if they stop as soon as you see them watching).

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Terry M. Cervantes 

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