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Terry M. Cervantes 

Even though we would like to take our pets everywhere we go, sometimes they have to stay at home while we travel. This is where animal keepers come in! How can you find the perfect person to observe your pet?

What does an animal keeper do?

If you are on the move and need a professional to take care of your pet, you have two options: pet sitting or pet boarding. If you board with your pet, he will stay in a Boarding house with other pets — a bit like a pet hotel. If you hire an animal caretaker, he will come to your home to take care of your pet.

Dog sitters and cat sitters can be a great option for pets who are happier in their home or who may not want to spend time with other animals. Caretakers can help your pet to continue his normal daily routine, which can be comforting at any stressful time (for example, if you miss them).

You also have options with regard to the services for which you hire an animal caretaker. You can hire them to do walk-in care where they come at regular times during the day for care — such as for dog runs and mealtime- or for home care where they stay in your house with your pet 24/7.

Independent pets may not care about the time that a walk-in schedule offers on their own, while more connected pets could benefit from having someone constantly nearby who attracts attention. Housekeepers can also do double duty and be present in the house for security reasons when they are away for long periods of time.

It is up to you to choose the Service that suits your schedule and your pet’s needs. Then comes the hard part — finding the perfect babysitter.

How to find an animal keeper?

Before you blindly google “pet sitter near me”, resources are available to help you find a trusted and highly rated pet sitter (i.e. none from Craigslist). Pet sitting is a big market, and there are many online resources that can help you find someone in your area.

Some pet-specific sites like Rover and Wag have background checks on all their Sitters, which is a huge confidence boost for anyone who welcomes a dog sitter into their home! Websites with a wider offer can also be beneficial, for example with the pet care program. They also offer a cleaning service and other services in addition to pet sitting in matter you need other maintenance work while you are away.

These services can offer many additional benefits that you might not get if you hire your neighbor to work. They eliminate the struggle of figuring out how much to charge for staying at home with pets overnight by providing standards for reasonable prices. Most major websites have their own dog sitter apps that allow easy communication with your sitter and the company.

Do not forget to check the standards of each company for its keepers. Background checks are a great start, but there’s more to consider! Organizations such as Pet Sitters International have training and training requirements for pet sitters that all certified sitters must comply with. Some organizations also offer insurance and pet-sitting obligations, which can help cover the costs of accidents that occur during the siege process.

When it comes to pet-sitting costs, you should also take into account when hiring your babysitter. Pet care prices tend to be higher than the rest of the year, especially on in-demand days like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Many pet sitters book their services well in advance, especially for the holidays — some book their December clients more than a year in advance. (So, if you are looking for a pet holiday caretaker for 2022 … you better act fast.)

Finding the right pet sitter is much easier if you know the right things to look for, and with this guide you are in control! Here’s to a stress-free trip for you, your pet and your new pet sitter.

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Terry M. Cervantes 

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